Welcome to my home base on the internet! I’m NuclearConvoy, but you might know me as James. I’m a Canadian man with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature who has an undying passion for fiction, and for the ways in which ideas are modified and transformed when placed in new cultural contexts. Both of these passions, I find, are best exemplified in comics, video games, and professional wrestling. On this site you’ll find, primarily, two kinds of things: my comics and my articles.

In the world of my comics: So far, available free to read and in full, you can read my Post-Apocalyptic Giant Robot Western comic, Gunmetal Frontier‘s, first chapter, “Original Sin.” A project with collaborators and a rough road to release, Gunmetal Frontier taught me what it takes to be a creator and, more importantly, I can be a creator. Currently I am developing a 100% Solo-Project, entitled Cannibal Crime. The development of which I will be chronicling here, as well as offering fresh and exciting opportunities for community engagement in its development as the project gets off the ground.

In the world of my articles: This is probably, based on my metrics, what brought you to my site! Welcome to my ongoing coverage of the burgeoning Chinese Pro Wrestling scene, recently made ultra-relevant by Oriental Wrestling Entertainment’s partnership with All Elite Wrestling. I’ve written some major pieces chronicling its evolution, both on this site as well as on third party sites such as Voices of Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling Ponderings. I will continue to detail the news and developments in the scene while aiming to expand into the greater non-Japanese East Asian, the Southeast Asian, and South Asian scenes as they develop and come to be intricately interconnected in an Asian Wrestling Revolution.